Given the current happenings around COVID-19, we'd like to inform you about the measures taken by Jato-Düsenbau AG. With the aim to protect the health of our employees and partners and to guarantee the delivery readiness.

To protect the health of our employees and their families, Jato-Düsenbau AG is reinforcing the hygiene measures in our whole company. In addition, measures have been put in place to ensure that simultaneous presence of multiple people in each of the departments is reduced (postponed working hours, reduction of flextime, work in the home office) and our jobs were new based on the federal council guidelines set up (distance between each other).

Our production and back office in Lucerne remain operational.

As far as our supply situation is concerned, everything was prepared so that we are able to start relaxed in these difficult weeks ahead.
With the guarantee of sufficient stocks of raw material and supplies we ensure that we can deliver to you on time.

We thank you for your past and future trust in Jato-Düsenbau AG and wish you to survive this difficult situation as unscathed as possible.



Jato gives your medium THE SHAPE

We feel at home in the world of liquid and gaseous media. Since 1938, Jato-Düsenbau AG produces and develops in close cooperation with its customers nozzles in all kinds of variations, different materials, and for diverse areas of application. For example, for the food industry, energy and steel production, for conveyor, chemical, turbine, and bearing technology as well as for firefighting.


Our manufacturing processes are certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and guarantee high product quality.


If you want to spray water, gases, oils, or food substances, Jato-Düsenbau AG is the right partner for you. As solution-oriented practitioners, we put our extensive experience in nozzle manufacturing into all new and further developments.


Jato gives your medium the shape.




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