Covid19 Update January 2022

For almost 2 years now, the pandemic has had us firmly under control. We have always communicated that if there is a significant change in our situation, the news will be posted here on the website.
Diligent visitors should have noticed that nothing has changed in the message. And that's a good sign. We are still constantly striving to comply with the imposed protection concepts and to implement them with a lot of personal responsibility. Apart from a handful of harmless cases, which mostly took place outside the company, we have come through the pandemic quite well so far. We too hope that the situation will ease soon and wish all our customers and suppliers good health and a successful time.





Jato gives your medium THE SHAPE

We feel at home in the world of liquid and gaseous media. Since 1938, Jato-Düsenbau AG produces and develops in close cooperation with its customers nozzles in all kinds of variations, different materials, and for diverse areas of application. For example, for the food industry, energy and steel production, for conveyor, chemical, turbine, and bearing technology as well as for firefighting.


Our manufacturing processes are certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and guarantee high product quality.


If you want to spray water, gases, oils, or food substances, Jato-Düsenbau AG is the right partner for you. As solution-oriented practitioners, we put our extensive experience in nozzle manufacturing into all new and further developments.


Jato gives your medium the shape.




Micro EDM




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