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Jato is getting fit!
Our employees are our greatest asset - which is why they can benefit from modern employment conditions and various benefits.


Swiss Paraplegic Center
Jato has taken out a company membership with the Swiss Paraplegic Center for every employee (including family) so that they would be prepared for an emergency that hopefully never occurs. In addition, every employee is privately insured in the event of an accident.


Wage system
We pay above-average and fair wages. Our wage development contract takes the requirements of a position into account and rewards individual performance.


Modern workplaces/machines
In March 2017 we moved into our new Jato building. There are modern and ergonomic workplaces and top-quality machinery. We are also well developed in the center of Lucerne and can also be easily reached by public transport. Our apprentices therefore also receive a discount on their half-fare subscription.

Fitness center
Our employees have the opportunity - at Jato's expense - to keep fit in the nearby fitness center and thus get a balance from their everyday work routine.

Birthday presents
Every year on their birthday, all employees receive a gift personally selected by the manager. In addition, every employee can take home a great gift bag after the Christmas party.


Employee events
In order to get to know each other better in private life, Jato regularly organizes teamevents, e.g. New Year's dinner, participation in the city run in Lucerne, anniversary trip to Europa-Park, etc.


Working/holiday times
The flexible working hours allow every employee to plan their private appointments. In addition, our advance working times guarantee a 2-week holiday over Christmas and New Year. As a further benefit, you can choose between one week more vacation or a percentage increase in salary each year. (4/5 W up to 50 years, 5/6 W from 50 years and 6/7 W from 60 years)


Excellent customer/supplier loyalty
We always maintain an excellent relationship with our customers and suppliers. This enables our company to have a secure order situation and constant growth.


Health and well-being
An apple a day...
At the beginning of the week, a fruit basket is available for free use and coffee and water are offered. Work clothes are also provided for the production employees.


Further training and company structure
The family relationships and the flat company structure allow every employee to contribute constructively to the processes and to feel comfortable as part of the company.
Furthermore, further training is not only valued, but also actively supported.