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Complex surfaces (Chocolate wrestling pants for the swiss championship)

From plush to chocolate (Development of a hollow chocolate figurine)




Sponsoring of Kinderspitex


Report SMM (10.11.21 - Jato-Düsenbau AG invests in the future)

Report SMM (26.03.21 - I'm proud of my Team)

Luzerner Zeitung (12.03.21 - Central Switzerlands Entrepreneurs built a disinfection robot)

Report Typisch Zentralschwiiz (July 2019 - Nothing is impossible) 

Report SMM (20.11.2018 - Generating new nozzle technologies with 3D-printing)

Report SMM (02.06.2017 - We make the impossible possible)

Report SMM (25.05.2016 - Nozzles for the world)

Report SMM (11.08.2015 - Nothing is impossible)

Report SMM (02.09.2014 - New managing director)

Report SMM (06.11.2013 - Quality supplier)

Report SMM (08.05.2013 - 75 years of Jato-Düsenbau AG)

Report KMTB

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